2011 |TEMPLE OF THE SOULS (2011 Script Development Production)

In Winter 2011, MultiStages produced “Temple of the Souls,” a Musical Drama by Anita Velez-Mitchell, Music by Dean Landon and Anika Paris, Choreography by Milteri Tucker, Directed and Developed by Artistic Director Lorca Peress at The West End Theatre. This multilingual musical drama tells the story of Amada and Guario, two young lovers in a forbidden union during the cultural wars between the Spaniards and the nearly extinct Tainos of Puerto Rico. Composers Landon and Paris are Platinum Award-winning songwriters; Anita Velez-Mitchell is a multi-award winning Puerto Rican poet and author. The multicultural Cast and Artistic Company hail from South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and the US. Visit the website for more information and updates on future productions: www.templeofthesouls.com


CAST: Jen Anaya* Kenneth Kyle Martinez, Robmariel Olea, Ricardo Puente* Joshua Torrez* with Theresa Burns, Victor Cervantes, Raquel Faria, Bradley D. Gale* Giselle Gastell, Randall Marquez, Laura Riveros, Laura Lebron-Rojas, Alexis Sweeney, Patrick Valley. COMPANY: Book and Libretto by Anita Velez-Mitchell, Music Composed by Dean Landon and Anika Paris, Orchestrations and Arrangements by Dean Landon. Additional Lyrics by Anika Paris, Music Director Bruce Baumer, Choreographer Milteri Tucker, Costume Design Mark Richard Caswell, Mask/Puppetry Design by Kyla McHale, Scenic Design Lorca Peress, Lighting Design Alex Moore, Production Stage Manager Jessica V. Urtecho* Postcard Artwork by Puerto Rican Artist Emilí Vando, Press Rep, Maya PR, Directed and Developed by Lorca Peress.


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