2017 | TEMPLE OF THE SOULS – NYMF 2017 Next Link Project

NYMF 2017 Nominated for Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role

July 19-23, 2017
a featured Next Link Project in the 2017 New York Musical Theatre Festival
The Acorn Theatre at Theatre Row
410 W. 42nd Street, NYC
Off Broadway Production



In today’s complicated and racially divisive social climate, where xenophobia, nationalism, and religious intolerance are rampant, we bring you a love story that will fill your heart. 

TEMPLE OF THE SOULS is an award-winning contemporary pop musical of secrets, lies, and forbidden love of what might have happened in 16th century Puerto-Rico when cultures clash over two young lovers in a “Romeo and Juliet” style tragedy. It all happens in a time when Spaniards enslaved thousands of indigenous Taínos, stole their women, their land, and their lives. Two worlds collide in this mythical tale when Amada, the beautiful daughter of a Spanish Conquistador, and Guario, a young Taíno, meet in the magical rainforest of Puerto Rico. The young lovers escape to seal their forbidden love in the high cliffs of the Temple of the Souls, the sacred lands where the Taínos once jumped to their death to escape the persecution of the Spaniards. This is the temple where the lovers pledge to make their dreams come true and prove for all eternity that love is stronger than death.

BOOK Anita Velez-Mitchell, Lorca Peress, Anika Paris; MUSIC Dean Landon, Anika Paris; ORCHESTRATION Dean Landon; LYRICS Anita Velez-Mitchell, Anika Paris; ADDITIONAL LYRICS Dean Landon; STORY Anita Velez-Mitchell; CHOREOGRAPHY Enrique Brown; MUSIC DIRECTOR Bruce Baumer; SCENIC DESIGN Jennifer Varbalow; COSTUME DESIGN Lisa Renee Jordan; LIGHTING DESIGN Jason Fok; VISUAL DESIGN Jan Hartley; MASK DESIGN Marla Speer; SOUND DESIGN Kenneth Goodwin; STAGE MANAGER C. Renee Alexander; ASM Andrea Berkey; DRAMATURG Mark Eugene Garcia; POSTER ART Emeli Vando; PRESS/Social Media Kampfire PR;
Dailey-Monda General Managers; EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Dr. Judy Kuriansky; ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Jane Velez-Mitchell; Developed and Directed by Lorca Peress*

Noellia Hernandez and Andres Quintero as Amada and Guario; Danny Bolero (Broadway In The Heights) as Conquistador Don Severo; Lorraine Velez (Broadway Rent, Dream Girls, Fameas the Taino Nana; Jacob Gutierrez (Light in the Piazza, Aladdin) as Nemesio; Ensemble: Ari Aron, Jorge Enrique Barranco, Theresa Burns, Catalina Gaglioti, Erin Kei, Val Nuccio, Isabel Plana, Miguel A. Sierra, Robert Zelaya

CONDUCTOR Katya Stanislavskaya; MUSICIANS Joe Fee, Kelsey Sheldon, Katya Stanislavskaya, Andrew Whitbeck

In development since 2010, MultiStages produced earlier versions of the musical in two AEA showcase productions.
Awards:  4 HOLA Awards (including Gilberto Zaldivar Award for outstanding production), 6 NY Innovative Theatre Nominations (including outstanding production, music, and script), 2 Areyto Drama Awards from the Taíno community; two Manhattan Community Arts Fund Awards from LMCC/DCA.

Temple of the Souls Website: Show Website

Link to Past Productions: Past Productions of Temple of the Souls

Supported by:
NYMF 2017 Next Link Project production grant, Don Q Rums, LMCC’s Materials for the Arts, private foundation grants, and tax-deductible donations.


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